Singapore Average Rental psf and Volume

On the 20 January 2016, Singapore Straits Times published an island-wide average rental data of Singapore, comparing the rental price and volume both in 2014 and 2015.

Stars of Kovan 183 Longhaus


From the figures, the rental psf had a slight drop but was not significant enough to cause an alarm. The largest drop in rental was in the 200-600 sqft units category, where it was recorded an 8.6% drop in rental price. This could be due to an incoming supply of more smaller units being introduced into the market as compared to before. However, one thing to note, the average rent is the highest amongst all the other categories as it provides owners and investors the highest return on rental yield.

Not forgetting that the number of contracts made in this category has seen a huge increase in volume, from 6,033 contracts made to 7,414 in 2015. This means an increase in 22.9% rental deals being clinched in 2015 vs 2014. This figure does spell good news to Investors as it means there is a huge demand of 200-600 sqft units in the Singapore market.

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